About pixoomer.com

Hello and welcome to Pixoomer our Social Networking website allowing you to ‘Share your everywhere’ with an added bonus feature of a photo calendar!

Once you have created an account you will receive an email with your password allowing you to logon to Pixoomer.

We have created a Social Networking feed and we are confident you will be able to navigate with ease and Add Posts to help share your pictures with friends and family, hence ‘Share your everywhere’!

The added feature of the photo calendar which is called ‘Albums’ within Pixoomer will allow you to upload your pictures within a calendar based bespoke system. This will allow you to upload multiple photo’s to any specific date of your choice. Another added option will allow controlled access for your friends and family to be able to upload photo’s into your Album. We also have a ‘Favourites’ section for those extra special moments and you will have the option to place comments to mark those memorable photo’s. Plus you can share to your heart’s content via Email, Facebook and Twitter.

Pixoomer has it’s own built in messaging service allowing you to send messages to your friends and family. You can also use the @ sign to tag a friend in a conversation within your Social Feed which is called ‘Activity’.

Pixoomer is purely a photo sharing website and when adding photo’s to your ‘Album’ you will have the option to upload photo’s from the past, present and future. Pixoomer is also making further enhancements as we speak and they will be launched early next year.

Having worked with the IT Industry for 20 years we understand that simplicity has to be the key and we have not complicated the site in anyway, once you have logged in you will be able to easily navigate around the site. Pixoomer will display whatever you upload into your feed and only you can control it and delete it, so you are in the driving seat.

Pixoomer’s CEO and founder understands the importance of your data and will allow you to delete your content at any point in time with a simple delete option.

We hope you all enjoy using the website and most of all being able to find those special photos taken on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays using our Calendar based Albums the list is endless….!

Start now….. share your everywhere!