We often sit at home and think, “I really need to sort out my paperwork!” The trouble is, no one wants to spend the time sifting through tons of paper on a weekend or after work. But then when you need to find a bill, appointment or an invite, you start to turn the house upside down. It drives me insane when I know I’ve received something, but it’s impossible to find it!

How often do you end up slinging paperwork into the kitchen drawer or leaving it lying around on the dining table, expecting it to magically file itself.. It never will.

So here are 5 easy steps to take to help you organise your paperwork at home, with an easy solution to find what you need when you need it.

  1. There is no easy way around this – you have to pull of all your paperwork and sit down with it. First, organise it according to relevance – is this piece of paper something you really need, or can it be tossed?
  2. Now split your paperwork into categories. It doesn’t need to be anything complicated, just go for general groups –  for example “bills”, “appointments”, “road tax”, “invites,” etc.
  3. Make sure nothing is overdue or due in the not so distant future. This will give you an opportunity to get a better deal on a renewal, say on your Sky TV package, or at least help you avoid late fees and overcharges.
  4. Try using an app to keep everything in once place. Pixoomer allows you to take a picture of your bill or appointment confirmation, and add a caption to title it. You can then set a reminder, for example – when is your next payment due? You can tag it as a bill, so you can find it easily later. You also have an option to add a phone number, email, location and additional notes, any valuable information that you may need in the future.
  5. Now you can share this with your partner or family members through the app, and they can set their own reminders!

Life is far too complicated and busy without added pressures. We are usually so organised at work, but most of us struggle to keep on top of our paperwork at home. Pixoomer provides a central location to help manage not only your paperwork, but simple daily reminders so you never forget a birthday, appointment or event.

Let’s work towards a paperless home environment with Pixoomer… And hopefully we can also get the added advantage of reducing our carbon footprint!