your personal photo diary appWelcome to Pixoomer – your personal photo diary app.

Pixoomer makes it quick, easy and simple to build an image-based calendar on your phone. Got an appointment to remember? Or a birthday? An anniversary? A meeting? Your date for your Covid jab? Need to remember when to cancel your free Netflix trial? Or when your grandmother is coming over for dinner? Pixoomer will remind you of it all.

Here’s what Pixoomer is. It’s a reminder app with photos. It’s a reminder app for birthdays, anniversaries and other special events. It’s a reminder calendar and diary. It’s a reminder app for daily work. It’s all those things and more. Pixoomer takes all of that stuff, bundles it into one tidy package, and helps you to never forget anything ever again.

All you do is this: you take a picture, you upload it, you set your alert and you’re good to go. If you want a reminder app with photos, you’ve found it.

Here are our favourite things about Pixoomer:

    • It’s a stress-buster: we all have busy lives, and it’s easy to forget all the appointments, obligations and events we need to attend. Keeping it all in your head is stressful, but keeping it all in Pixoomer isn’t.
    • It’s fun: anyone can use a boring old alarm for a boring old reminder. But with Pixoomer, every reminder, event, alarm and date is accompanied by a photo you’ve chosen.
    • No adverts: adverts are annoying and no-one likes them, but most apps are stuffed with them. Pixoomer has absolutely no ads.
    • It can save you money: if you’ve signed up for a free trial, and you want to cancel, or if you’ve decided you want to get a more competitive quote with Sky before your next billing date, Pixoomer will remind you of it all.
    • It wraps everything you need to remember into a tidy little package: want your picture reminder to be accompanied by a tag? A location? A phone number? A website? An email address? Notes? Google Maps navigation? With Pixoomer, that’s all possible.
    • It has lots of quick features to make things simple and accessible: you can sign in quickly with Google, Apple and Facebook. There’s a search function for finding your posts. You can group your different obligations together with tags, so you can see all of your appointments, meetings, birthdays or events all alongside one another.
    • It’s secure: we protect you, your data and your details, ensuring maximum security no matter how you use the app and what you upload onto it.
    • You can share posts and dates with friends and family, so other people can see what you’re up to and what plans you have (but you can also keep it all private if you’d prefer).
  • And even better than any of that… your first six months are free!

With Pixoomer, there are three ways you can browse and view your photos:

  1. ‘My Diary’ page: your images are placed into an easy-to-understand calendar-like format, so you can see your appointments and obligations quickly and easily. Whatever appointment or notification is coming next is displayed prominently with a double-sized image.
  2. Your homepage feed: laid out in an Instagram-style feed, you can quickly and easily see the appointments and dates you’ve most recently added, all accompanied by the images you’ve added alongside them.
  3. Your reminders page: if you’ve set any reminders for yourself, you’ll see them here. Your reminders page also displays any shared items.

Let Pixoomer remind you of your next appointment, bill or birthday with the simple help of photos and push notifications.

If you want a calendar reminder app with photos, this is it. If you want a reminder app with an alarm, this is it. If you want a diary reminder app, this is it. Pixoomer will make your life much easier, much less stressful and much more simple to manage. 

Sign up now for 6 months free.