As the government ease lockdown restrictions and allow families to meet in outdoor spaces, together with the stamp duty holiday still in full force until 1st July it seems like the UK property market has kick started! With Savills predicting a 5% growth over 2022 and at the moment it’s no wonder that properties are going for asking price.  On average every property is getting 20 plus viewings understandably vendors are achieving maximum returns compared to 2021.

If you are one of those fortunate individuals looking to buy your next property you will need an App to track all your viewing’s, you can add pictures as reminders and notes on all the good and bad points. The Pixoomer App will also allow you to create Tags, for example why not group all your viewings under the Property Tag. When you want to find all the properties you have viewing click on the Search icon and select the Property Tag.

Why not make a list of the your ‘must have’s’ on the post, the notification will popup at the time you choose so you do not miss those important points once you are at the property? After you have seen your potential dream house you can come back and update your notes to help with your comparison on the next property.

Me and wife are currently looking for a property and use the App for pictures, when we viewed the property, I add notes for a comparison to help decide which property stands out the most. It’s so easy to forget when you get home and ask each other “did it have a big garden and did it have double glazed windows?”. So, I add those questions before hand, we all need reminders in our busy lifestyles, and they say buying a house will certainly add to that.

So, try our 6-month FREE trial and see how you can benefit.