digitise your paperwork

???? Does this look uncomfortably familiar? Nowadays ‘life admin’ is practically a full-time commitment! We like to think we live in an increasingly digital and paperless world but in reality, there is still ALOT of paper we need to keep safe AND frequently refer to. We have so much paperwork that is sensitive and should be locked away in a cabinet, but do any of us have the space at home. Especially during the pandemic trying to find a quiet spot to work is a luxury never mind a filing cabinet.

At work we are super organised we have network servers, scanners and huge filing cabinets to help store all our paperwork purely because most businesses require a clean desk policy! Surely, we should have a similar policy at especially when the restrictions get lifted.

But how about if you could have all those important pieces of paper you need, securely stored in an app at your fingertips?

???? Just imagine if you got into the habit of taking a photo every time you received an important piece of paper and filing it away – in seconds – in your Pixoomer app?

???? If you want to get out from under the piles of paper and admin in your life and start living it instead – give Pixoomer a try with our 6-month trial. It’s the app you never knew you needed.


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