household electric bill reminder

During the last blog we spoke about the household bills that are predominantly in paper format and how easily it can become unmanageable without a good filing system.

We could argue that most companies are sending bills or receipts electronically which end up in your inbox. Previously I was describing the pain of finding my bills or bank statements in a half organised folder, but when I entered the world of email it took my pain to the next level.

If you have a quick count up I bet you must have hundreds if not thousands of emails in your inbox, unless your super organised (unlike me) ever email most probably sits in your Inbox. Not only do I manage my bills as they come via the post now I’m dealing with my car, house insurance, bookings the list goes on. But have you tried to retrieve your car insurance and the last quote not forgetting the cover note? With my folder I know where to go and find what I’m looking for, now I’m trawling through multiple emails and trying to remember login details for my online documents.

If I’m honest the pain of trawling through my emails is far worse than looking in a folder. Every time I search through my emails I get multiple returns from the same email address or it doesn’t fully give me all the information I need. We live in a digital world so surely things should be a lot simpler. But having said that do we have the same problem at work? Well we seem to be more organised with multiple folders and storing the relevant emails in corresponding folders.

So again why do we fail so badly at home and how do we organise ourselves minus all the pain?