When it’s come’s to construction and or refurbishment it’s difficult to keep track of all that work going on around you, in between trying to hold down a full time job especially if you have children. When the builders start smashing and building daily how do you keep up with it all? You could argue that the builder has your plan and he knows what he’s doing and I’ll leave him to it. But does he truly understand the vision running around in your mind?

A friend of mine was in exactly the same predicament trying to run his own business looking after three children and not forgetting the builders! This was his first refurbishment and when we spoke I mentioned that it would be a good idea to document his progress. There is always going to be some sort of drama on site especially if inspectors need to come and inspect your alterations.

I offered him a solution where he could document all his progress by uploading pictures daily into a Photo Diary. By uploading pictures of the build daily not only helps him to understand the progress but that all important evidence for the inspector. This would also allow him to share his Album with the builder, family or friends.


Pixoomer.com offers you a platform to help not only to document daily events but also an option to forward plan, it’s a diary right? Find those all-important valuable items take a picture or copy the link into the comments box this will save you trawling through pictures, emails or reminders. Why not use a uniform platform that lets you do all of the above, that allows you to share your calendar.

Also a quick reminder for the construction companies place your free advert on Yazoomer.com with a link to Pixoomer.com – Albums showing potential new customers the quality of your work!