Welcome to Pixoomer an innovative photo diary website with a difference, a photo diary website that is unique and different which can appeal to all types of businesses and you as an individual.

Do you continually get frustrated looking for pictures on your phone, tablet, PC or laptop? That was me a couple of years ago, I met a friend for dinner and really wanted to show him that picture that I so desperately could not find!

I said to my friend imagine if you could use a website whereby you could upload pictures into a calendar? All your photos could be stored in the past present or future, you would never have to trawl through your device and try and locate that picture ever again.

His response being a technical engineer was ‘what a great idea, I love it!’, at that point Pixoomer was an idea waiting to be born I didn’t hesitate the next day I contacted my development team. The idea being you would upload photos into your calendar with a thumb nail briefly showing you the content jogging your memory to open the date on the calendar.

In my next blog I will go into more detail and give you an example of a friend using Pixoomer to help with his construction Project!!